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Sarah Loven Dancing at Petite Trianon.

Petit Trianon

I know this post is later than late, but we can make an exception because I have almost 100 photos to share from our day running around Petit & Grand Trianon at Chateau Versailles! I’m splitting the day between two posts. This one has our photos from Petit Trianon and

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Paris Guide: Where to Stay

I’ve stayed in a few different areas of Paris, and the city is huge, so you will have TONS of options. But it all depends on what kind of Paris YOU want to experience. Read more to hear my recommendations on where to stay and why!

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You’re So Gucci

This has been my uniform this winter. Leave it to chance to happen upon the prettiest and comfiest sweater I’ve ever owned, one day while walking around LA. (It’s only $20 from H&M!) As one who never owned many pairs of pants, I’ve been collecting every kind of black leather

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Sarah Loven for Vayü Jewels

 One of our latest projects was to create a campaign for Vayü Jewels. We shot on location one bright and hazy evening on the beach and among the cottages of Crystal Cove. The mist from the ocean filled the air and golden hour shone through it, creating an ethereal

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Black on White

I love a good layered outfit. This is one I’ve been waiting to shoot and I love the balance of simplicity and detail within this look. Sometimes you keep it simple, but by adding textured fabric, or accessories with a little gold detail, the look is easily elevated. I keep

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SS 2018 Trend Forecast

I may not have tabs on every trend from every style out there, but being so intertwined with the fashion industry gives me some advantages that I really love! One being seeing the arrival of new trends and styles, and seeing which take hold and become popular. One must remember,

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Spring Feeling

With the warm weather coming up, I’m dreaming of the spring outfits I’m excited to wear. I brought out my spring shoes and basket bags, and have styled up some perfect looks to get you inspired for the new season and new trends. I’ve also been writing up my Trend

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Winter Days

Although most of this winter in LA was spent in light jackets and sometimes even T shirts, this last week has been the coldest of all. The weather finally called for cozy coats, though I wasn’t TOO enthusiastic about the cold nights, I was excited to wear my polar bear

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Hot Child in the City

When you work in the content creation industry, it’s sometimes hard to keep up with your own fast-paced life and actually finish the projects you start. These photos may have been from last summer, but I never finished editing all the shots I wanted to include, so it never got

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