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Dear Vogue, Watch Out

Dear Vogue, watch out. You may have been the gatekeeper of the fashion world for decades, but some of us bloggers have been able to establish ourselves in less time than that. We are the new wave of the industry, whether you like it or not! Your authority is being

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La Maison Française

My blog posts have been a bit scattered lately, with all the sponsored work on my shoulders. While working for other people, I have to remember to take time and keep my own passions alive to stay sane. So this comes fresh from a topic that’s been on my mind for

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Korakia | part 2

We arrived at Korakia in Palm Springs right after the sun dipped behind the rocky mountain backdrop. The earth still radiated with a heat I’d never experienced before. I’ve been in Death Valley on the salt flats in the direct sun, and I’ve been in Tucson during August. But this

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Thanks for the Memories

I don’t care how busy we might get during the holiday madness, I strongly believe in remembering what truly matters. It’s not only about being thankful once a year, but taking this time to be thankful with the rest of the country, to spread humble gratitude via our collective conscious.

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Welcome to Korakia | part 1

Korakia, which I’ve dubbed my desert oasis, has been on my travel hit list since I found a photo of one of the daybeds and went on a mad hunt to find out where it was from. I was mystified by the beauty of this moroccan gem, and ecstatic to

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Indian Summer

It’s Indian Summer in Southern California, and I’m glad, because I get to frolic around barefoot a little longer, and in one of my favorite dresses from Réalisation. As I had a strong need to change my style this year, this French inspired brand has been one of my go-to’s

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Wandering around the Arts District of DTLA had me unleashing my inner beatnik. A small percent of you may know I used to write an absurd amount of poetry and prose. So I dug out a few oldies (but goodies), and decided to share them with you. I still have

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Balcony Life

While we were back in Cleveland visiting family for a week, we revisited our old creative domain. The big old building in downtown served as an art studio and loft living space for us and my dad. The whole top floor was ours, the size of a a large ballroom, and

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Sarah Loven X Cosabella

Sometimes I get to partner with brands that I just LOVE what they’re doing, and Cosabella is one of them! As they bring their brand to the West Coast, I was excited that they reached out to me for a project. You may have seen their lingerie and bodysuits styled

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